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What is a Trademark Class? How Many do I need?

When looking to register a Trademark, a "class" is a category of goods or services that you want to protect. There are about 45 different Trademark classes. Some are for goods, and some are fore services. Different goods and services fall under different classes;

For example: T-shirts and hats fall under the same class. However, t-shirts and coaching services fall under different classes. Filing fees for Trademarks are per class.

In order to file a Trademark, you will need one type of evidence of use for each class in your trademark application. you are offering a service, then your evidence of use can be any of the following that has the name/logo/phrase that you want to trademark on it promoting your services:

  • A website screenshot

  • A Facebook page

  • A business card

  • A flyer

  • A pamphlet

If you are selling goods, then your evidence of use can be any of the following with the name/logo/phrase on it:

  • A photo of the actual goods

  • A screenshot of the website where you sell the goods (with price and checkout button)

  • The packaging of the goods

  • A tag on the goods (required for clothing if you can't show the clothing for sale online)

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