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You want to start a Business? A Checklist

Steps for Entrepreneurs & small businesses first starting out

Starting a business is a big step. It can seem overwhelming. We've got some steps to help you get started.

We are here to help you. protect your business and your brand!

Step #1 - Formal Business Structure

The first way to protect you brand is to give it a formal structure. There are several to choose from, but typically when just starting out an LLC will give you what you need. This document is filed with the Secretary of State.

Step #2 - Get an EIN

An EIN or employer identification number is like the social security number of your business. You will need this number to open a bank account and more. You can get an EIN here. (They are free)

Step #3 - Open Your Bank Account

Now it's time for the money! To open a business account you will need your EIN form and the form from the Secretary of State. It's probably best to make an appointment to open a business account. That way you won't feel rushed and you can go through all the options.

Step #4 - Domain name/email

Even if you are not ready for a website, it's always a good idea to go ahead and buy the domain name you. #1 so no one else takes it, and #2 so you can create a professional looking email address.

Step #5 - Contracts & Agreements

Now that you have your business setup, you want to make sure you have the necessary contracts and/or agreements between your business and whomever you may be working with. This could be everything from independent contractor agreements to service contracts.

These steps are just the beginning

Protecting your business and brand is the goal. Formal copyrights and trademarks provide additional protection.Want to talk about you business needs? Book online today.

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