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Those Pesky Points - Traffic Citations/Tickets

Unfortunately, many of us, myself included have received a traffic ticket or citation. Many times, the ticket is able to be paid online or over the phone, so we just pay it and move on with our lives. It seems more convenient to just pay the ticket instead of taking the time to go to court. But many times for the sake of convenience we are disregarding the collateral consequences of traffic tickets.

What do I mean? I mean the points… Many tickets and citations that seem relatively simple can get you multiple points on your license. Those points can lead to a suspension if you get too many in a certain time frame (especially if you are under 21) and they definitely make your insurance go up. (And who wants a higher bill?)

Some examples are Following too Closely (typically a citation you get when you get in a minor fender bender) is 3 points & depending on the speed, a speeding ticket can get you anything from 0 points to 6 points.

So what should you do? Typically, prosecutors have leeway to work with you on the charge and may be able to offer a reduction so you get less points or no points at all. If that doesn’t happen there are ways to receive a point reduction from the Georgia Department of Driver Services.

If you have a citation or ticket in the Metro Atlanta area, feel free to to reach out to us at! We are always happy to help.

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